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Welcome to OUR Home Page AKA Web Site!

WWAR Paints - ( Wittenauer & Wittenauer Arabian Ranch and Painted -- DOGS)

WW Arabian Ranch, we now only have one 1/2 Arab stud and his latest colt, one riding horse chestnut gelding, and our big lovely Great Danes, and some of what Katie and I call our RAT-dogs (Rescues about the size of a chew toy) .

My 33 year old black Polish Arabian Mare passed away and I am no longer foaling out babes! Her last son CORTEZ is now King of the roost! Besides him the biggest animals on the farm are my pack of Great Danes, whom I am training to pull a cart!


This mare passed away at 33 years of age.... she was jumping 5' fences at 30 still !

I do not have any Great Dane puppies available at this time, but several rescue pups are if you are just looking for a pet....

Drop us a note anytime @


or plan a visit - call or e-mail first

1652 CR 5790
Willow Springs, MO 65793

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Kaitlyn Nicole